How to drop MySQL database

There are many reasons why you might want to drop a MySQL database. You may have accidentally deleted a table or a field. You may have accidentally dropped a table. Or you may have decided that you need to make some changes to the database and you just want to delete it. In this post, I’ll explain how to drop a MySQL database.

How to drop database using GUI tool?

Step 1: Connect to the database: First, you need to connect to the database you want to drop. You can use the command line or a GUI tool like dbForge Studio for MySQL

Step 2: Drop the database: Once you’re connected, you can drop the database. You can do this by clicking Delete.

Step 3: Remove the database: Now that you’ve dropped the database, you can remove it.

How to drop database using terminal?

Step 1: Open your terminal and type the following command:

mysql> DROP DATABASE `your_database`;

Step 2: To confirm that the database was dropped, type the following command:


Step 3: If everything went well, you should see a list of databases available.


1. What is the difference between mysql and mysqladmin?

The mysqladmin tool can be used in the same way as the mysql tool. It’s just that the mysqladmin tool was developed for the purpose of using it in scripts.

2. Is there any other way to drop databases?

Yes, there are other ways to drop databases. You can use the MySQL GUI tool, called phpMyAdmin. You can also use the GUI tool for MySQL to access the dbForge Studio for MySQL. You can also use the command line tool.

3. How do I find out what tables are in a database?

To find out what tables are in a database, you would type “SHOW TABLES”.

4. How do I create a new database?

To create a new database, you would type “CREATE DATABASE database_name”. 

5. How do I repair a damaged table?

To repair a damaged table, you would type “REPAIR TABLE table_name”. 


The process of dropping a MySQL database is very simple. But, to be on the safe side, we recommend that you follow these steps to avoid any possible problems.

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